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Regular Price: £298.00

Special Price £239.97

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The IT300 Inversion Table - 360 Degrees of Training Options

Would you like to relieve your back, counteract tension and at the same time strengthen your body with strength training? Then the IT300 Inversion Table from SPORTSTECH is the perfect fitness device for your needs! Thanks to the movable functional rods, adaptive leg fixation and intelligent rotary lever system, it adapts to your body individually. The 6-in-1 back trainer made of high-quality materials offers, in addition to inversion, options for push-ups, parallel bars, pull-ups, dips and variable leg training - a true all-rounder.

Smart Rotation Lever System

We at SPORTSTECH know that for the best possible success and efficiency in training, focusing above all on the correct execution of the exercises is essential. That is why we have developed an intelligent rotation lever system for the Inversion Table IT300 that allows you to change position without interrupting your exercise. You choose and fix the desired inversion angle with the easily accessible lever - super easy. Concentrate on your home work out goals with the IT300 Inversion Table without any distraction!

SPORTSTECH IT300: Buckle Up and Go!

When working out with the gravity trainer, it is essential that you feel well secured at every angle. The IT300 Inversion Table is therefore equipped with an adjustable seat belt that keeps users with a maximum weight of 150kg and a height between 155-198cm firmly in position at all times. You remain fully protected upside down and can really de-stress your spine and intervertebral discs without worrying about your safety during your home workout.

Ergonomic Padding for Optimal Support

An important factor for your ideal home fitness experience is the quality of the materials in your sports equipment. We attach great importance to this in all of our SPORTSTECH products, which is why we have provided the IT300 Inversion Table with a water-repellent, odorless padding. This adapts to the body comfortably and at the same time offers stability to keep you securely in your training position. As is always the case, the quality is in the detail and we know you will be impressed!

Easy. Secure. IT300 Inversion Table

The SPORTSTECH Inversion Table IT300 has 4 large foam rollers that are used both as handles and to hold your legs in place. For this multifunctional use with skin contact, we have used a specially developed foam that is not only pleasant to the touch, but also odorless. It promotes evaporation, so that even sweaty workouts are not a problem. It means you can go full throttle without any worry - and, of course, the top quality workmanship means you can keep going way into the future.

Always Rooted to the Ground

Particularly for home training, the motto is - Safety First! With the combination of a seat belt and smart triangular structure you always assured of a firm footing. The SPORTSTECH IT300 is designed to be extra stable so that you - in the truest sense of the word - can really trust your body to be effectively stretched through inversion training. And after the exercises, you simply fold the rubberized triangular legs together and stow the slim IT300 Inversion Table at home with ease!

IT300 Inversion Table - 6-in-1 Diversity

Are you wondering what makes our Inversion Table IT300 special? We'll tell you: its flexible functional rods! Thanks to the movable bars, you can transform your training partner from an inversion table into one of 5 other smart fitness machines - a pull-up, push-up, dip, parallel bar or leg raise station. Repositioned in a few seconds, you can enjoy this stunning variety in your own home gym and also save an incredible amount of space with this multi-functional training wonder.

Simple Adaptation - Effective Training

For support in all exercises, you can always keep your legs in the desired position using the adaptive leg fixation. Especially with gravity training, leg fixation is a decisive factor for your secure hold and lets you rotate carefree within 360 °. What's the best bit? It can be adjusted in 17 steps so that every user can find the most comfortable leg position for their body size. Give your back the relaxation it deserves and start your effective inversion training with the SPORTSTECH IT300.

Space Saving Inversion Table IT300

Many feel the disappointment that space at home for their favorite sports equipment is really limited. With the SPORTSTECH Inversion Table IT300 there is definitely no reason for that! Thanks to the smart folding system, you only loosen one locking pin, fold the SPORTSTECH IT300 and stow it away in a few simple steps. Benefit from the ultra-compact design and do something good for you and your health by stretching your core muscles and stimulating your cardiovascular system.

Push-ups Made Easy

The inversion table also offers a few options for varied strength training. In order to use the SPORTSTECH IT300 for push-ups, you insert the movable function rods into the lower frame on the back of the device. Due to the elevated position, you do not bend your hands so much and thus protect your wrists during your exercises. This way you not only prevent pain, but you can also do your push-ups in a more defined thus more effective manner.

IT300 Inversion Table: True Support

Doing parallel bar exercises on the inversion table is also no problem. To do this, simply insert the function rods on the back of the device at mid-height in both tube openings. In this way you use many muscles at the same time with your own body weight and effectively shape your upper body! The stable construction of the SPORTSTECH IT300 offers you a fully secure hold that allows you to focus on precision training.

Pull-ups : The Name of the Game!

Pull-ups are particularly good for strengthening your upper body and shoulders. For this exercise you connect the function rods with the connecting tubes on the uppermost part of the inversion table. Then you can start using your full body and you can work towards a defined body. Thanks to its high-quality workmanship, the SPORTSTECH IT300 always ensure you have a firm grip and a secure stance.

Sustainable Training

For effective dips to train your triceps and chest muscles, attach the flexible functional rods to the lower part of the frame on the back of the IT300 Inversion Table. Practically, this means you have a better grip with your hands and do not have to bend your wrists as much as when performing dips on a flat surface. So, you get to train more gently, because we at SPORTSTECH want you to keep yourself fit and healthy with our products and to successfully achieve your fitness goals!

Fit and Healthy with SPORTSTECH Products

The training with the Inversion Table IT300 can be designed in a variety of ways, so that it supports you in building muscles as well as relieving and relaxing your whole body. You are not yet quite sure whether the SPORTSTECH IT300 is right for you? Then check out our wider range of innovative products for your back and strength training - for example our pull-up bars, multi-gyms or back trainers. We understand if you can't make up your mind with such a wide selection from which to choose. In this case, you can simply stop by one of our brand stores in Berlin, Munich or Düsseldorf and get advice from our trained experts on all SPORTSTECH products. Smart and simple!

Technical data


Max. user weight
recommended height
155 – 198 cm
packing mass
1190 x 720 x 150 mm
Dimensions of the unfolded product
1120 x 680 x 1880 mm
Dimensions of the stored product
680 x 680 x 2045 mm
Weight NW/GW
32 / 36 KG


folding system
Security belt
inversion angle
0° - 90°
leg fixation
function bars
rotary lever system

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  • Intelligent rotary lever system
  • 6 in 1 multitalent
  • Secure stand thanks to the triangular structure
  • Adjustable seat belt
  • 360° angle
  • Adaptive leg fixation
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