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Bring your training on tour

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Regular Price: £256.05

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VP300 VIBRATION PLATE- Bring your training on tour

Sports that make you vibrate
With our 3D

Vibration technology

Sportstech's VP300 oscillating platform stimulates muscle growth through targeted vibrations. This fitness machine vibrates at high frequency to carefully stretch the muscles. High frequencies generate many muscle contractions, which in turn stimulates muscle development. Thanks to the instinctive stimulation of the muscles, vibration training is much better than common exercises.

All Highlights at a glance

  • 120 speed levels
  • Immense zone
  • 3D vibration technology
  • Multi-axis oscillation
  • Powerful yet quiet motors
  • Touch screen and remote control
  • Power ropes included
  • Audio streaming via Bluetooth and built-in speakers
  • Training poster included
  • Transport wheels

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Vibrating plate - Sportstech VP300

optimization of fat burning and skin tightening

Sportstech's VP300 vibrating plate has a positive effect on muscle development through the targeted use of vibrations. Designed for the fitness area, the device vibrates at high frequency to gently stretch the muscle. This produces a self-reflex of the muscle, called muscle contractions. These are reflex movements of the muscle. The relatively high frequency of vibrations produces many of these movements, which in turn increases muscle growth. By stimulating the involuntary reflexes of the muscle, vibration training is significantly superior to conventional training.

At the same time, the constant increase in muscle mass through vibration training also produces a reduction in body fat. The redistribution between fat and muscle mass is beneficial for the whole body, which suffers from excess fat. The greater muscle mass ensures better combustion of the body, even at rest, so that after a certain training time during periods without training, the body functions almost on its own - another positive side effect of vibration training on the VP300.

Dimensions env. (mm)







Oscillating vibration technology
Simulation of walking, jogging and running. Bodybuilding training for the whole body

The vibrating plates, which can be pivoted about an axis, are comparable in function to a rocker. This mutual inclination imitates the human walk, in which one foot always moves up and the other down. This movement model is used at low speed for physiotherapeutic treatments, and at higher speeds for physical training sessions.

alternating oscillations
These alternating oscillations animate almost all your main muscle groups. This makes these vibrations particularly suitable for regular training to burn fat, lose weight and build muscle.
3D spiral vibration technology
Most other vibrating plates operate mainly with one and the same type of vibration. Both feet move up/down or left/right at the same time, but always in the same direction. Simultaneous vibrations along the horizontal or vertical axis only cause strong muscle contractions of the stretching reflex, but the training effect comes from the different positions of the training program.
Spiral vibrations
The Sportstech VP300 generates horizontal elliptical vibrations in its 3D mode. This round vibration is particularly suitable for recovery, rehabilitation and light training.
Feel the power of the third dimension!
Vibration rates in almost all directions are possible thanks to the use of an additional motor. Without a doubt, you will feel everywhere in your body how the Sportstech VP300 optimizes your training results.
Smart chip
4 automatic programs Variety of the manual program Coordination of 3D vibrations
2 powerful motors to upgrade your drive
State-of-the-art electric motors ensure the multi-directional ozilation of the Sportstech VP300.

Our electric motors convince not only by their durability and stability, but also by their quality-conscious design. They are also extremely quiet during operation. Copper ball bearing motors for frictionless operation up to 100,000 operating hours.
Motor volume: < 55dB

Surge protection

/ Overcurrent

/ Overheating

closed construction

better motor protection

Targeted training
The following muscle groups are particularly affected by the 3D vibrations of the Sportstech VP300. The muscles of the legs, stomach, back, hips, neck and buttocks, which we need for a straight posture, are particularly used during training. on the VP300.
trapezius muscle
right abdominal muscle
lateral vast muscle
Musculus rhomboideus major
Musculus latissimus dorsi
Musculus gluteus maximus
Musculus gastrocnemius
information display
The compact information console shows you all the important data at a glance. It is clearly structured and has easy-to-understand touch-sensitive operating elements. The touch function also makes cleaning easier, as the display is a closed unit.
Different adjustment areas
The different characteristics of the VP300's foot surfaces support the different training phases.
At the beginning of the training, you will find an introduction here.
You will feel the highest intensity and tension when you stand with both legs very far away on the VP300.
You enter this area to relax your muscle groups with softer vibrations during the recovery phase after training.
Bluetooth speakerphone
Feel the training but listen to the music!
Built-in Bluetooth speakers play your music. Whether from a mobile phone or a laptop computer. Just pair your favorite player with the Sportstech VP300 and enjoy your music.
Maximum success of the training
With the Sportstech VP300, not only do you train more efficiently, but you get more in less time.
Increased coordination and mobility check
Grease reduction check
Tightening of the skin check
Deep muscle strengthening check
Facilitates the elimination of toxins from tissues check
icon1 icon2 icon3
clip remote control
Avoid annoying interruptions in training to adjust the vibration intensity or frequency of oscillation you want. The handy clip on the remote control allows you to wear it comfortably on your clothes.

Start / Stop


Frequency of increase / decrease

Selecting the mode

More efficient fat burning due to multi-directional vibration
Look at your pounds melt.
In addition to regular training, your whole body and therefore also the tissue layers of your skin are vibrated. The intense multidirectional vibrations of the 3D oscillation of our VP300 vibrating plate stimulate cellular metabolism and promote the efficiency of the natural fat burning processes in your body.
Good for your health
and well-being
Stress at work and other daily stresses
literally settle in the bones.
This often manifests itself in tension and pain.
especially the back muscles.
Use the power of vibration and let yourself be massaged.
The Sportstech VP 300 helps you relax.
Drawstring included!
Clamping strap for a complete drive
Train your trunk, back and arm muscles.
To complement your regular training, exercise with the closed
tension band specifically targets the upper body muscles
Excellent posture and cushioning
Equipped with four generously sized rubber feet, you always keep a solid and safe seat. Thanks to their concave shape, they look like suction cups and prevent the Sportstech VP300 from slipping.
The concentrated arrangement of the lamellae on the underside also reduces the transmission of vibrations to the ground and thus ensures optimal damping.
Balanced training from head to toe
Stay in shape with only 10 minutes of daily training.
The Sportstech VP300 offers a clearly visible support of the training. Our vibrating plate is equipped with a sophisticated technical system that generates vibrations at a certain frequency that trigger the body's natural reflexes faster than a conventional workout.
Their technical sophistication makes them an effective support in daily training.

Geben Sie Ihre Daten ein und wir melden uns so schnell wie möglich bei Ihnen.

  • 2x1000w Engine
  • 800x450mm
  • Vibration 15Hz
  • Exercise accessories
  • Remote control
  • 120 levels
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Great - really pleased!

you really feel the workout on this - enhances squats etc and gives more intense effects

Tom S.

Excellent product

Very happy with the product all working as it should be quality made in Germany!


it does what it says

so far it is working , been using it for few week and seem to perform ok . I have been on better machine , but this machine is also OK .

julia b.

Best Buy ever!

I love my vibro plate it’s brilliant. It keeps me toned and my skin feels better in general. I use it every day for half an hour and have a routine I follow which I learnt at a salon where I used to use a plate. It works! What more can I say!

Amazon C.

Feels like it's working

The VP300 is very sturdy and it looks and feels like a good quality piece of machinery. It was a bit tricky to figure out how to put the plug together (better instructions would help), but I was able to link it to my phone via Bluetooth with no problem. The sound quality of music played through the system isn’t brilliant but you wouldn’t really expect it to be from this type of machine. As for the impact of the machine, I have managed to get into a routine of using it for 10 minutes daily, and can definitely feel the effects of it doing it’s work on my muscles. The programmes are good for variety too. All in all I’m very pleased with the VP300 as a key part of my workout routine.