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4-dimensional training experience

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Regular Price: £699.00

Special Price £489.00

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  • Black
  • Dark red
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  • LCD Display
  • 690x420mm
  • Vibration 10Hz
  • Bluetooth music
  • Remote control
  • Transport wheels

Regular Price: £699.00

Special Price £489.00

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VP400- 4-dimensional training experience

Vibration is not just vibration!
With our 4D multi-axis oscillation & vibration technology.

At a high frequency, with up to 40 Hz, you will achieve proven the highest muscle activation. At low frequencies (5-12Hz) you are in the stages of mobilisation, relaxation and balance training. At medium frequency (12-20Hz) you train muscle function, coordination, stretching, muscle relaxation and loosening of the back muscles. At high frequencies (20-35Hz), you promote performance enhancement, restoration of muscle strength and increase in endurance capacity.

All Highlights at a glance

  • 2 additional motors for oscillation and vibration (200W + 80W)
  • 3 x 60 different speed levels
  • Huge curved surface: 690x420mm
  • New 4D vibration up to 40Hz
  • Curved design
  • SMART LED display
  • Color touchscreen LCD display
  • Novelty of the ISPO 2018
  • Indicateur LED en externe
  • ISPO 2018 trade fair innovation

Take your training to a whole new level - with the help of the innovative, unique vibration mode, high-quality controls and technical equipment.

No worries at all

With the included power ropes and 5 Sportstech fitness bands, you can make training with the VP400 Vibration Plate even more effective and diverse. The additional training poster offers a variety of incentives for a truly efficient workout.

On the same wavelength

With three different training modes and a unique vibration mode, you can design your workout individually. Due to the high vibration frequencies up to 40Hz, muscle groups are trained that you didn't even know existed before. The 3x60 speed levels consist of one mode each for oscillation, vibration and oscillation & vibration together.

Point of view

The operation of a vibration plate has never been so user-friendly! The coloured touch LCD display of the VP400 vibration device gives it a cool look. In addition, the watch remote resembles an Apple watch and is very easy to use while you have your hands free.

Fully balanced

The VP400 vibration plate offers optimal training conditions due to a curved surface and integrated Bluetooth speakers. Just link your player and enjoy your music. Here is effective vibration training pre-programmed.

The enlightenment

As you customize your workout, the light indicator on the outside of the case changes. The different intensities glow in the colours green, orange and red. By different foot positions on the vibration plate you can also vary and use the intensities.

The perfect match

Our 2 motors are specialists in their fields. While one motor provides a multi-axis oscillation, the other motor creates a vibration that no other can. Together they are the perfect match: a 4D vibration.


The 4D vibration penetrates deep within the body and releases tension. Relax your muscles, relieve your bones and relax. This will effectively boost your fat burning and enhance the quality of your workouts.

They see me rollin

Carrying was yesterday. Simply roll our vibration plate to the right place for your workout. Thanks to the transport wheels, you can move your VP400 vibration plate back-friendly, space-saving and very simply.

Sport is... style

Our VP400 vibration plate and trade fair novelty is unique and stylish. The design - modern and future-oriented - was consciously chosen by us. Available in two colours: black and red.

Clever thinking

Go for the curved design of the VP400 vibration plate and experience a better movement and body feeling during your workout. For this purpose we have created a perfect storage facility for the watch remote. So you and your accessories have their ideal place.

Technical data


Geben Sie Ihre Daten ein und wir melden uns so schnell wie möglich bei Ihnen.

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Joints and muscles.

For 500 pounds you do get a lot for your money, I weight train, so this machine helps to loose up the joints and muscles, which helps to recover and grow, if you do have 500 pounds its really worth spending your money, of cause you can just exercise on the machine.

toni v.
Good as a breakfast workout / warm ups / cool off's

I have used it for upper / lower / core .i defo see and feel change on the annoying areas like hips and upper leg ' fat ' but i have also been creative with upper body exercise and i can see tightening of the skin & body .

Solidly built, high function piece of equipment, but a fad exercise?

Like other reviewers, this also arrived without the right power cable, but 10 seconds and £5 on Amazon got me the right cable with a handy 5m length. First impressions are that the vibration plate is very solid. It is quite heavy (20kg), but that makes it feel sturdy and secure. It does mean that you should think about where you're going to keep and use it as you don't want to be lugging it around the house. As an exercise experience, it's certainly unique, the vibration goes really quite high and forceful and you can certainly feel yourself getting well toned. The remote, accessories and built in training programs were easy to use and gave a good range of workouts. But after a couple of sessions, I'm not sure that it's for me. I certainly wouldn't want to do more than 2-3 times a week, it just all felt a bit samey. If this was part of a home gym set-up and you were using for 10 - 15mins at a time as part of a varied work out then OK, but I would quickly lose interest if this was my only source of exercise. But if you know what you want then this is a sold machine at a decent price.

Robert G.
It's Definitely Different

This SportTech Vibration Plate is a hefty beast – about 20 KG. It feels well engineered and absolutely bulletproof – which is just as well when you feel how strongly it can vibrate. One warning – if you put it on the floor of an upstairs room – even on a carpet – the vibrations are amplified and sound extremely loud on the floor below – this is definitely not something your downstairs neighbours will thank you for using. They’ll think you have workmen drilling though the ceiling.IT has 3 modes – rock, vibrate and rock + vibrate. Of the three, personally I prefer the rock mode, as I think it feels much smoother than the rock + vibrate mode, and I believe it promotes the most exertion in your chosen muscle group. The closest thing I can compare it to is the feeling (imagined) of skateboarding down an endless flight of stairs. If you have a VR headset and a skateboard stunt game – this would be the perfect simulation platform.I find standing with my knees bent and feet towards the two ends of the board gives my thighs and calves a fantastic blast. Probably it’s not going to build muscle as well as squats holding free weights, but it’s not far off, and is definitely going to form up the muscles you a ready have. You’re just going to need to have decent knee joints. You can do it with straightened legs, but your internal organs, and especially your kidneys are going to take a good pounding. Probably not a great idea.Used on the arms – same technique – one hand either side of the board, elbows bent gives the biceps and triceps a great workout too.The vibrate mode, I find quite relaxing – especially on the legs. A great way to wind down after a run. I can imagine it having a positive effect on circulation, though I don’t have any scientific evidence for that.There are a large number of different exercises listed in the wall poster provided, but the two above I found the most effective.I agree that it’s an expensive but of kit – but the quality of build easily justifies it. Given the choice of this, or spending less than half on a decent set of free weights for arm and leg exercises, I would definitely go for the latter. But for the exercise enthusiast who has the space, this could be a nice addition to mix things up a bit.

Nives S.
Love it!

Fantastic device! I use it daily,mostly auto mode 4D and I really enjoy using it and how I feel after the workout. This device became the part of my daily workout routine. Love it and I recommend it to all!